Introducing the SF150

Introducing the SF 150 "SOLO".
 Our new technology and new patents have brought about many significant design changes in our product that have allowed us to introduce a new upscale version. We’ve gone wireless so that you can use your favorite off the shelf handle and tow rope. A “clamshell” with the controls clamps on to the center of the handle and communicates to a small device the size of a matchbook that’s embedded in our custom life vest/personal floatation device. This device communicates to the boat wirelessly. This will also act as a wireless safety lanyard (when the handle is more than 40” from the vest, the engine will not run).



The life vest pod also features GPS and remote retrieval; if you fall, the boat will track back to you at an idle speed. When it senses a distance between you and the bow of the boat of 10’, the engine shuts down and the boat will drift up to you. We are also featuring a new 150 hp, four stroke engine. The boat has a depth sounder to sense a beach or sand bar (the boat will divert course) and a collision avoidance system; although, it should be noted that in 30 years in business we’ve never had an accident or collision with the previous models. 


A big new feature is the MEMS technology that will keep the boat tracking on a straight course, no matter how hard you pull when cutting. Previously, the patented hull and twin skeggs helped to keep this to a minimum, with learned technique helping to eliminate any further pull. With the MEMS, though, it does it all automatically. Effectively, with the MEMS, you can run a slalom course. This unit is fully programmable with your cell phone for skiing, wakeboarding, wake skating, hydrofoiling, and barefooting speeds and level of experience from beginner to expert. The rope length can be programmed from 40’ to 75’. This unit is also able to produce a significantly larger wake than the SF 70 model and comes with our wake enhancement wedge.



Material: Fiberglass/Composite & Molded Plastic
Length: 94.5"
Width: 47.5"
Height: 29"
Weight: 675 lbs.


Model:  Rotax (R) 4-TEC 150 ECT

Type:  3 cylinder, 4 stroke

Displacement: 1,494 cc

Cooling:  Liquid Cooled, Closed-Loop System

Lubrication:  Dry Sump

Fuel Management: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Exhaust After Treatment: 3-Way Catalytic Converter

Exhaust Emissions Certification: US EPA / C.A.R.B 4-Star Super Ultra Low Emissions



Impeller: 4-Blade, Stainless Steel

Jet Pump: Axial Flow, Single Stage

Pump Diameter: 155 mm 

Automatic Bilge: Constant Siphon
Fuel Capacity: 8 U.S. Gallon

Rated Power: 150 hp

Integrated Cooling Water Supply

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