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Phil WittliffPewaukee, Wisconsin

“My Solo changed my life.  I have lived on a lake for almost 10 years but I usually only water skied a few times per year as I only could go when I had a driver and a spotter and the water was smooth.  Those 3 ingredients rarely coincided to create a skiing opportunity; that is until I got a Solo.  I now ski almost every morning before work.  If the water is smooth when I wake up, I go.  It’s a great way to start the day and a good, intense form of exercise.  I am amazed at how quickly I can ski in the morning.  I walk down to the dock, crank the Solo into the water (I keep it on a PWC lift), start the engine and go.  I usually ski for about 10 to 15 minutes or so and then drive the Solo right back to my dock and put it on the lift.  The whole ordeal probably takes 25 minutes and I feel great after I do it.  I then go straight to the shower and get ready for work.


Another great thing about the Solo is I am the driver.  If there is a 4th ingredient to the 3 things I mentioned above, it is a good driver who knows your speed, cooperates with hand signals and finds smooth water.  The only one I like is my Dad and he is hard to get out to the lake early in the morning.  With the Solo, I am the skier and the driver.  I hope to never be without a Solo again.  I have skied more already this year than ever before and we are not even through June yet. (I live in Wisconsin).  I’m looking forward to skiing until the water freezes.  If you love skiing and want to ski more, you want to get/stay in shape, and you want to redefine your morning routine, buy a Solo and ski every morning.” 

Jim WolfeKamuela, Hawaii

Last week I had the opportunity to try out the SOLO personal waterski machine.  I've had my eye on this machine ever since I tried out an early predecessor nearly 20 years ago.  At that earlier time I thought the underpowered little craft had a ways to evolve--and the new SOLO lived up to my every expectation.  


I didn't get out of the water on my first attempt, since I seemed to have said "hit it" to myself when the craft was doing a left turn and figuring out how to straighten it out while I was trying to haul my 220 pound frame out of the water on one ski was a bit much for me.  However, on the second attempt, I made sure the SOLO was going straight away from me, punched the throttle control and got right up.  I then proceeded to take a bunch of turns on glassy water and the experience was just as much fun as skiing behind my Ski Nautique....I loved it!  


Stringing together a bunch of slalom turns was fun and easy.  I like skiing at 36 mph on flat glass water and I wasn’t disappointed.  Getting the SOLO to go where I wanted it to was easy--just push the right or left arrow and it responded like a dream.  I really wanted to just go straight for the entire 10 mile length of Lk. Sammamimsh--or at least until I got tired of stringing turns together.  However, I knew that the crew back on the dock had some others waiting for a chance to try out the SOLO so, after a while, I headed back.  


The SOLO has come a long way in the past 20 years and skiing behind it is, to me, now on a par to skiing behind a dedicated ski boat---the bonus being I don't have to wait for my boat driver to show up and give me a tow.  SOLO gets two thumbs up from me!  

Dan WrightLake Clementine
Sacramento, California

“I can’t tell you how much I have and continue to enjoy Solo and my unit continues to run great.  I’ve been skiing behind my Solo since 2004 and I still get looks and people asking, “What is that thing and How do you control it?”.  I always say if you know how to play video games then you know how to control Solo.  The ski handle is like a video game pad with buttons in the middle:  fast, slow, right, left, start and stop.  By the third time I was skiing I didn’t even look at the buttons to control it.  It’s that simple.  I don’t fall, but if I should, there’s a double redundant kill switch.  It’s small enough I tow it with my Mini, yet big enough to pull me out of a deep water start on a slalom ski. 


I’ve been out the last two weekends.  I love this time of year.  I have the lake all to myself except for a few geese.  It never gets too cold for me for winter water skiing and I’ve skied on Christmas and New Years several times. In winter weather a good dry suit is a must!


I’m getting ready to hit the water. It’s 6:00 a.m. and the lake is perfectly flat.  In looking around, I don’t see anything except a few geese that forgot to fly south for the winter.  My Solo idles out making the rope tight.  I hit the throttle button and I’m skiing.  It’s as simple as that.  No standing around waiting on the other two people (a driver and a spotter) who overslept.  I make half a dozen crosses of the wake and hit the right turn button to go around the corner of the lake.  My Solo tracks around the corner until I hit the left turn button to straighten it out.  A few more wake cuts and I hit the left turn button hard.  It flips a U swinging me out wide before I straighten it out.  Then it’s back to the beach where I come to rest in knee deep water to rest for my next run.  What a perfect start to the day before I head to work. Just me and my Solo!”

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