Say hello to SOLO. The most amazing personal watercraft on the face of the planet. The perfect solution for no-show drivers. Now you have the destiny to go it alone. The desire for the power and control to be the driver, spotter and skier is now a reality. SOLO is your own personal ski machine. Always ready whenever you are.
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"I can't tell you how much I have and continue to enjoy Solo and my unit continues to run great. I've been skiing behind my Solo since 2004 and I still get looks and people asking, "What is that thing and How do you control it?". I always say if you know how to play video games then you know how to control Solo. The ski handle is like a video game pad with buttons in the middle: fast, slow, right, left, start and stop. By the third time I was skiing I didn't even look at the buttons to control it. It's that simple. I don't fall, but if I should, there's a double redundant kill switch. It's small enough I tow it with my Mini, yet big enough to pull me out of a deep water start on a slalom ski."

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